Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 119: Ross Roams Around Córdoba

My four day hitch hiking trip to Córdoba was so ridiculous, the city didn't have a chance. Despite its beautiful Moorish architecture, warm weather, and stunning nature, for the first time I realized that I enjoyed the journey more than the destination. A part of me missed walking along the side of the highway and sleeping under olive trees. Being in Córdoba was great because I gained an appreciation for my journey and I stayed with some of my new favorite people.

The courtyard of the Mezquita was stunning.
The architecture inside was even better.
A massive room of columns surrounded the main church.
Beautiful metalwork down to the smallest detail.
God bless you.
Here's one for my panorama book.

I had a lovely time in Córdoba. As my first taste of Andalucia, I was charmed. I ate tapas almost daily at La Caña de España and had a blast exploring Córdoba's Mezquita and old parts of the town. I only spent one day wandering around for sightseeing but I felt like it was enough. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try the classic dish of flamenquín. But I did try salmorejo and pişmaniye, a traditional Turkish dessert.

Tower in the Mezquita's courtyard.
Beautiful streets of Córdoba.
The view from Oset's apartment.

Oset, Magnus, and Nurgul are some beautiful people. I got along so well with my hosts, we spent a lot of time together. We made pinhole cameras, hiked up a mountain, watched the entire Resident Evil series, played a variant on celebrities, cooked feasts, and crashed parties.

So begins the pinhole experiment.
Another view from the balcony.
The most artistic Magnus ever looked.

Merhaba! Oset is from Turkey. Hidden under those dark brows and past the burnt umber eyes burns a fire. Oset and I got along from the beginning. We both share high ranks in prankster and goon. At first I thought all he did was watch videos on his computer but then he showed me a special video. As we watched this video of a traditional Circasian dance he casually told me that he was the soloist. Sure enough, the lead dancer flitting around charming women, had a familiar face. We watched a handful more of these videos and I was awestruck. I have so many interests that I can't keep track. Sometimes this leads me to have difficulty concentrating. Oset's been dancing since he was five and it is such a fundamental part of him that after watching that video, I gained a great respect for him. Passion is cool.

A strawberry, kiwi, pear, and yogurt tarte.

Oset lived with three other people, I spent the most time with Mangus and Nurgul. Magnus was like Oset's alternative personality. They are the epitome of yin and yang, like some sort of soap opera or crime fighting duo. Magnus is from Germany and at a full two meters tall, is a big dude. Thankfully he is a gentle giant, and carries on excellent conversation. I have found few people that I have as easy of a time talking with as Magnus. Always interested, he is a good listener with interesting responses. I loved hearing about his trip to South Africa and can't wait to go myself.

Monastery bound!

Magnus hikes on the edge.
The monastery.
Nurgul was my shining light. She came to my aid after four days of hitch hiking to let me into their apartment. She is also from Turkey and although it took me a while to learn how to pronounce her name, we quickly became good friends. She took a shine to my cooking and her bubbly personality makes her a pleasure to be around. If you ask her nicely she will show you her magnificent hat collection.

I was going to leave earlier but they convinced me to stay and travel with them to Cadíz for Carnival. I'm glad I did because I had such a wonderful time with them; every day was a pleasure. When we left for Cadíz Saturday afternoon, armed with fabulous costumes, we were ready to take the city by storm.


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