Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 269: James' Letter

Yesterday I hitch hiked from Ghent to Brugge. I tried to get artsy with the sign and gave birth to something uniquely hideous. Thankfully I didn't have to display it long before a bearded baldie pulled over. He told me his name was James. I told him that James was a noble name.

Riffing off of my statement that I was from NYC, James said he had a friend there. He pulled out an envelope that looked like it survived a four year tour in Vietnam. Written a seductive script, I could tell it was a feminine hand that pressed this ink to the page. The words reminisced of an old friendship and extended an open invitation for James' return to the city. "I've been carrying that around for the past five years," he said. It was clear that he thought of its battered appearance as a badge – every crease a memory of their bond.

My fingers witnessed the paper's texture and my eyes read the words but I couldn't absorb the beauty of the openness I was a part of at that moment. Sitting in a car with a stranger who, despite my orange pants and hideous sign, picked me up and was freely sharing this piece of his heart, made me realize how the length of time that people have known each other isn't as important as how much they can open themselves and share.

James brought me all the way to the doorstep of my CS host's house. He waited when I rung the doorbell to see if I would get inside safely. When my host opened the door we exchanged our goodbyes and I couldn't help but wonder if he realized how much he inspired me. My beliefs were confirmed – James is a noble name.

Stay open, James.

One day Aras asked me, "Tell me about the most beautiful thing that happened to you today." Since I replied to him I have been asking the question to others and it always sprouts a beautiful conversation. A few days ago I was struck with the idea to create a blog around this concept. I will share some moments of brightness here.

Now I ask you: What was the most beautiful thing that happened to you today?

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