Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 4: Our Apartment

"When you're drunk and need to get home, find the Arno river. Make a left two bridges from the Ponte Veccio and make the fifth right. Walk to you see the park and you've made it."

Casa de Ross

We live right across from Piazza Tasso. Upon passing through a welcoming forest green door, find yourself in a dark and scary hallway. Walk towards the light. Admire a charming brick courtyard, and slip through a pair of French doors (I had to take my pack off to fit through).

Knock knock...

No wonder Europeans are so thin.

Overall, it's slightly larger than my apartment in Brooklyn. Despite Lola's absence, it certainly has more charm. It may be small, but it's comfortable... and in Florence!

The French doors open up to our kitchen and eating area (which also happens to be the entire downstairs).

Our kitchen – cozy and effective.

"Wait... let's put fruit on our heads!"

Since there's no where else to go, a short trek up the stone steps brings you to the second floor, where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

I wonder how old this building is...

I'm staying with Abby, who is Ally's best friend. Thank you both! Abby found this apartment through CouchSurfing. We both lucked out because this is a great bunch. Myself included, there are five people living here. Two girls, Abby and Tristen, and three boys, Luke, Paul, and me. Tristen, Luke, and Paul are college students studying abroad through California State University. Luke and Paul are architecture students (good luck), and Tristen is a business major.

Luke and Paul live in one bedroom. Their room has a ladder to the roof, where there is a beautiful view of buildings nearby. If you go up there, beware. Good luck squeezing back through the skylight and climbing down the ladder. The view is well worth it.

Who doesn't want a ladder in the middle of their room?

Beautiful view.

Neighboring buildings, seen from our roof.

Abby, Tristen, and I sleep in the other bedroom. I rock the couch. While sleeping on the sofa can be less than stellar, it beats pitching my tent in the courtyard (but maybe not on the roof!).

Sofa > floor

Abby's talent is a force to behold.

If you stick your head our of our window, there's a stellar view. Otherwise you get to admire the building across the courtyard. Apparently there's a crazy old Italian woman who lives in the apartment across from us.

Don't drop the camera!

Our courtyard smelled awful today.

Our crazy neighbor lives in the apartment with the rug.

Finally, there is the bathroom, which I've saved for last because it's the most interesting. There's the usual, shower, toilet, and sink. But there's also a bidet and washing machine. Living in Texas at the Hundred Acre Wood prepared me for not having a drier, but it hasn't stopped raining since I got here. Nothing dries. Damp socks are the worst. Good thing I haven't taken a shower yet :).

Check on your laundry on the can.

I couldn't ask for better roommates or place to live. Ciao!

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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