Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 9: The Hundred Acre Wood

Today we crossed the Texas border and after driving through half the state, arrived in the small town of Manor. After 2,770 miles, the first part of our trip has come to an end. Although it was night when we arrived, the wood was far from asleep. As I got out of the car, I tried to look around but their three dogs demanded my attention. We had arrived at the Hundred Acre Wood.

Click to see the farm house and its surroundings.
Despite Lizz and Patrick's best efforts, their descriptions couldn't begin to describe the world that I was about to enter. What a welcome change living here has been. The droning of city traffic has been replaced with the dopey mooing of the local cows and my alarm cock has sprouted legs and a wattle. I couldn't be happier.
Romo has fetch OCD.
"Bok bok bok," says one of our three chickens.
George having a yawn.
One of the too-big zipper spiders on our front porch.
Brutis, a great Pyrenees has a territorial radius of 2 miles.
Goats are stinky.
Blackstrap going fishing.
It's been nearly two weeks since I've left the nest. My mind has been expanding faster than a fat kid at Waffle House. I've soaked up beautiful sunsets,  eaten road-side fruits, peered into an alligator's soul, witnessed towns rebuilt from ashes, and savored the finest beignets in the land. I have been consistently inspired by nature's beauty and the ingenuity of man. De'car has halted, and my body may be still but my mind is loosening its belt and preparing to dig into another delicious pecan waffle.

Doylestown, PA to Manor, TX

Check out today's photos! Or I'll turn you into a toad.
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